Ranger Tab (red oak / walnut)

I made a thing. Then ruined it by forgetting that I had trimmed the piece on the table saw before deciding to cut out a shaped profile. I suppose screwing up and starting over is par for the course for a Ranger Tab though.

pocket cut at .21". plug cut at .15 start, .06 depth


Looks great! Then there was that dang profile cut. Something to build off of and learn from. This will help remind me to double check my dementions before carving. Thanks for sharing. Brian

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I screwed up when I trimmed it on the table saw so I could put it through my planer. at that point the carve was no longer centered, so even if I had adjusted the measurements it would almost certainly have been off by enough to notice.

The takeaway is to fully plan the project in order to minimize or eliminated the number of times you have to remove the workpiece from the CNC. Everytime you do that you increase the likelihood of noticeable error significantly.

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Just confirming you did an actual “Pocket” toolpath and not a VCarve toolpath? If so, then how did you get the sharp inside corners?

No. V-carve. Pocket is female, plug is male.

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