Reason to zero z

I thought the point in zeroing Z is to let the machine know the height of what is being carved and to be sure the machine only goes down to the cut depth entered. I see the probe being used but isn’t the same height of the stock being carved. So let’s say I zero off the probe but I have a 3 inch piece of stock, will it still only cut the imputed amount of depth? I always zero of my stock with paper. This is very confusing to me and yes I’m new! Haha. Thanks a lot

The ELI5 answer is that the probe routine inputs an offset that is the same size as the probe thickness.

It probes +0.5" too high, the program does a -0.5" operation to set zero

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Yes, the probe will compensate for the extra height of the probe, providing you have entered the probe’s dimensions correctly.

Zeroing Z is done to get the 1F to believe “Z-zero” for the bit you have installed is exactly the same as “Z-Zero” for the g-code you are going to use. So, if you’ve designed your project to have Z-zero be on the top of your stock, setting Z-zero with a piece of paper on top of your stock is absolutely the right thing to do. It really doesn’t have anything to do with how deep your cut into that material will be. But it’s super important that both are using “zero” to mean the same thing - the top of your stock in this example.

Often I set Z-zero to the wasteboard - the bottom of the stock - when I want to cut all the way through a piece. But, then I need to tell my design software to use the same coordinates or very bad things will happen!

Technically you don’t zero with the probe. You “probe” the probe. What this means is when the controller finds the probe it then looks for the offset, or how thick the probe is, and calculates where zero really is.

With the 1F you can also set the zero manually. To do this you would move the 1F with the joypad so that the center of the bit is exactly where you want zero to be. Then on the main controller page on the top right (near where it says homed after homing) there’s a button for each axis to set the zero. Touch which ever one you want to set to zero.

Thanks everyone, I understand it now. Appreciate y’alls time to answer!