Recovery from losing all homes

I have done a few “carves” where it would suddenly stop and I noticed that all my homes were cleared. I believe the issue is that my dust collection hose is “rubbing” the z-axis stepper cable which I am in the process of resolving. The issue is the only way I have found to recover is to shut down the controller and restart. (which takes several minutes to do). Even if I press the stop input on the display it will still not allow me to jog or reset the home positions.

This was only a surfacing carve of an epoxy project so it did not cause a scrapped project, but just wanting to know if there is another way to recover from this?

I have gotten into the habit of taking a picture of the display before starting larger projects. That picture shows the offset from home. I started doing this after losing home on a couple of long 3D carves.

For example, to recover from a power outage, all I have to do is boot up the controller and let it home. Then jog the cutter back to the offset position in the picture. Once in position, I can set the X and Y zeros. I normally reset the Z to the stock, but if the surface is already cut away, you can you use offset position of Z to r-zero.

You will have to “cut air” to go back over what you had cut before the stoppage, but that’s better than scrapping the whole project.

Hope that helps.

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I have been having the same issue my unit will randomly stop, zero and I am unable to recover. I end up resetting and starting over. I have thoroughly cleaned the unit and checked connections. Any ideas?

Sounds like electrical noise (EMI) … Are you using drag chains? A shop vac? Are the router and controller on the same circuit? Search the forum for EMI and interference and you will find others and solutions. Often it is wires in to close of proximity or noise on the same circuit.