'Remove magnet' reminder before manual command run

So, out of practical experience, thus killing the probe magnet cable…

After the probe has been used, it would be great to have a pop-up reminder to remove the magnet from the nut. You know, the one you MUST click ‘OK’ to start the spindle. Whether this is before running a job, or just a manual entry.

Thank you! :slight_smile:



You can program whatever message you want to yourself in the settings. I have mine reminding me to do exactly that as I have forgotten a time or two.

I made mine phrased and worded exactly to my linking.

You can customizes the alerts here: Just edit inside the: (MSG, )'s



I feel like there may be a solution in here possible for the tool change woes people have for splitting up files. may be more work than it is worth but aren’t there codes for pausing, saving location, returning to saved location etc? seems like an option… but again maybe more work than it is worth.

Hey @Hermsen.BJ - what woes are you referring to? Needing to change bits between files or the machine prompting for a bit change when none is needed?

People’s concerns over splitting tools to separate files… Is there a complex solution that can be added to the logic here…

I think this was implemented in 1.0.7?