Clock with 2 profile. Numbers engrave. 2nd no go

Hey guys.
making small for test run Clock 3 inch dia profile, with 2 profiles. Numbers engrave. I do my tool change. probe Z enter start cycle.
I get nothing. My tooling is #1 60% V #2 1/4 end mill
I tried jump to line and nothing.

I reloaded file, changed tooling back Z probe again.

I was about to make a fast profile and just run it but that would not fix my problem.
This is my second project. First was surface spoil board. And here I am job 2 : ) stuck : (
I have over looked something

I did dry run. It runs the whole program. No problems

Ok I got it now . Didn’t tag multi files : )

Now my problem is the controller screen is not coming on. It flikers at first.

That happens for me when turning it on after turning it off…

Turn it off, get a glass of water, visit “The Throne” and it should come up

When changing files, don’t forget to rewind prior to starting the file, it’s easy to forget.

What happened when you forgot to do it?

You are right Chris. Thanks buddy!

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When you say tag multi files what do you mean. I am running into the same issue.

Did you have multiple tool changes and only a single file without a tool setter?

Yes. In this case I have a single file with one tool change in the middle. It prompts to change the bit but doesn’t prompt to probe Z after I change it out.

That’s because it’s looking for a tool setter not a probe… need to save each tool as a seperate file… or you could use your probe as a tool setter

Here’s a write up I did on programming