Newbie with issues (go figure)

Hi All
I just finished setting everything up on my new Woodworker with 800w spindle.
I created a small job in CAD and then created my gcode in CAM. I transferred the file and tried running and then got issues. Firstly, the probe. I don’t understand the very first prompted question about setting the dimension. It’s defaulting to .25. No idea why. I am using the Onefinity probe and I am assuming I would not have to set anything as the probe’s dimensions are already set in Settings. Regarding that, I do everything in Imperial, yet the probe’s dimensions will only show in mm. Why? I have Settings set and saved to show Imperial. Also, on the controller screen, nothing makes sense for manual movement. Firstly, my movements are either in “5” increments or “1” increments. I don’t know why they change on their own when I go from one screen to another and then back to the Controller screen. I was just testing moving the x axis to the right 1". I tapped on 1.0 and my movements, according to the screen were .45" movements. Why? Why are they not 1" movements? When I tried setting the probe on my first job and I selected XYZ the Z would not come all the way down to the probe. I googled that and somebody said you have to have your end mill within .25" from the probe when you do that operation. Ok, mine was about 1.5" up from the probe. So I selected the 1.0 increment and tapped on Z-. The Z came down about a 1/16". I tapped it again, another 1/16". I tapped it a third time and it travelled the entire distance and smashed the bit into the probe breaking it. Brand new Amana bit just received today.
What the heck is going on here? Can I blow away and redownload the OS?

You are living the imperial/metric dream; I have the opposite challenges deciphering US instructions.

I can’t comment on all your specific issues, but I get the impression from other North American based forum topics that the controller is freaky with imperial measurements. I would, for the sake of getting going, do everything in metric and then transition later.

The probe question: I believe it is the pop up asking you for the diameter of your bit. I suggest you keep it simple and use a quarter-inch or 6.35mm, and enter that in the pop-up. You can set a default value. The controller needs the diameter of the bit to calibrate the home location.

Good Luck and enjoy, it’s not so bad.

Thanks for the reply Andy
Why would it ask me that though as the bit/tool is already defined in CAM and thus the gcode?

The G-Code running the probing operation is separate from the G-Code you created.

At this point the controller doesn’t know what size bit you have.

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I’m not sure that the gcode has a bit diameter in it. It has a tool number, but that could be anything.

Setting the zero positions by probing all three axis can be done at any time. It’s totally independent of any program you load. I use a 1/4" end mill bit as my default normally but sometimes I will use a 1/8" end mill. You can’t use a V shaped bit and I would advise against using a bit with a ball end unless you are positive it’s not tapered. Once it’s done probing all 3 axis I then switch to the bit I want to use and then probe the Z axis one more time.

Are you using the joy pad to control the movement? If so don’t tap the controls. You want to gently push on the controls. The further you move them the faster the machine will move. if you are not using a joy pad I would suggest getting one. The corded Logitech one can be had for about $20 (last time I checked). I would suggest to play around some to get a feel for how things work without a bit. Find out how to make it move slowly as well as how to switch to the very slow setting. trust me, this will become second nature in no time.

You could run 5 different gcode files, each with a different bit and diameter, off of a single probed x/y setting - the probing and cutting operations are completely independent.

Hi All
What I have discovered is that everything I do in the controller needs to be done when there are no g-code files installed and I have restarted the controller. If a g-code file is left in the repository then evrything works like crap. Everything is just screwy. I have to delete the g-code file(s) and then restart and then things will work normal. If a file is left in the controller then upon start up the screen probably won’t fill the entire display and buttons will not work, homing will error out everytime, probing will not work and the list goes on. I don’t really care for this but I guess it is what it is.
BTW, before I begin hours of research, does anybody know how to set the spindle to spin up before it starts to cut? I’m using MeshCAM and all my g-code files go right to plunging/cutting right when the spindle starts to spin up.
Also, is there a way to get the MeshCAM to leave the spindle in the spot it started in, my XYZ zero, so that when I switch from a roughing file to a finishing file I don’t have to re-probe?
Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Sounds weird. I’d give support a call, they’re very good.