Checklist For Start, Stop, Tool change, Power Off

I’ve wrecked 2 bits now by forgetting to set Z on tool change, so I made this checklist for the full start to finish procedures including tool changes. I hope it saves someone else some headache!

It’s open to comments, so feel free to make suggestions :slight_smile:


Thanks Bob, I am a newbe too!

Ok… I’ll bite…
a) turn the power on and make sure the monitor it powered up FIRST.
b) turn on the controller power switch Second.
c) WAIT…(go get a coffee or an adult pop if you have to)…
d) When the monitor loads up correctly… a message will say “Home the machine”!!!
e) obviously… home the machine… the Z will extend fully, the X will go full left, and the Y will go full front left corner… Now the machine will know its full limits.
f) After that (a compete home)… move the router out of the way and insert your blank.(material).
g) Then ZERO the material location…(meaning… set your X, Y and Z LOCATION based on how you programed your project to cut). This can be left bottom corner, center, whatever you chose in programing.
h) Once you have determined your START POSITION (wherever you chose to program)… you now have your X,Y, and Z coordinates… set to ZERO…
i) Install the bit you want to use, and PROBE it… this will now give you the top of your material surface height with THAT bit.
j) When you press the PLAY button on the monitor… the router will center over your START position… Once you hit PLAY again… the process begins…
k) If you have to change a bit, or multiple bits during a process, you must PROBE that bit to the surface of the material… you do not change your X or Y position… only the new PROBED Z height of the new bit…

Hope this helps!