Resize hundreds of vectors as group VCarve Pro

Hey everyone, I need a little help and I am waiting for approval for Vectric Forum so I am hoping I can find it here. I am making a Plinko board for my wife’s Halloween party. I got the file looking great, figured out how to make a 60" cut on my Woodworker, etc but I made all the holes .25 and my dowels are slightly larger. So I would love to scale them all at once, but I am not seeing a way to do that. If I select a group I can use the scale tool, but it looks like it is scaling the “box” of the total work area. Anyway, I would be so thankful if someone were able to point me in the right direction.

The feature to scale multiple items simultaneously was first made available in VCarve 11. It is not available in lower versions.

In the Set Size tool, you can toggle the Mode selection to Scale items individually.

If you only have access to a lower version of VCarve and the holes are consistently spaced, you could probably recreate them quickly using the Array Copy tool.

Or, as a completely alternative solution, you could leave the holes as they are and use the allowance option on the toolpath to alter the size by a specific amount. Just make sure to count the allowance twice in your calculations since it would appear equally on opposite sides of the circle.

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Thank you, I found this tool, but when I tried to select multiple .25 circles to bump them to .26 instead the tool wanted to adjust the entire 29X21"box the holes were in. So that left me unsure if I was simple adding a .01 to the entire box or needed to multiply it by the number of rows…

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If you have selected Scale items individually, as shown above in VCarve 11, then any increase will be applied equally to all items in the selection. The width and height inputs should both read 0.25 to start and you would change them to 0.26. Just make sure to select the center of the rectangle as your anchor point.

If you do not have this option due to a lower version of VCarve, you cannot scale the full selection or the centers of your circles will move. In that case, one of the other two methods I mentioned would need to be used.

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