Rolling-Folding Stand Enclosure?

I have the Journeyman with the QCW frame with the Rolling-Folding Stand and it is great. The only thing is enclosure options. I work out of the garage and have 2 kids, so an enclosure is important to keep dust to a minimum. I have done a lot of searching, looked at different types of styles, but don’t really see anything. Two solutions I have in mind would be a collapsible/unfoldable enclosure made out of aluminum extrusion that can essentially have an empty portion for the lower half and stand over the table. It would split open so it can easily warp around the table and close with some clamps. The other option would be a collapsible/unfoldable enclosure mounted to one of the walls that can open up around the table. It would also be split to easily wrap around and then use clamps to close it. If made out of wood and acrylic, i was thinking of something like a piano hinge.

Has anybody looked into this or have any good suggestions?


Not sure if this fits your needs, but look into the FastCap dust barrier. Awesome company, when I had a question about my miter saw stand the CEO FaceTimed me to walk through it


That is pretty cool and looks like it can be used for other applications like painting, but it is pricey. For the pictured configuration which is 6 poles and 1 door comes out to $523.13, 3-H CONTRACT PK (4 Poles) $244.90 and 3-H MAG DOOR SYSTEM $278.23. I did find a similar option which is a little cheaper for the poles, but more expensive for the door kit called ZipWall. ZIP-ZP4 (4 Poles) $159, but door kit with no poles is $249. ZipWall even has a pass through for Dust collection ZIP-ZPT for $89. Probably can 3D print something similar. ZipWall was cheaper to buy from resellers than it’s on site. Maybe i can combine the Zipwall poles with the Fastcaps door. Something I will definitely consider. Thanks. Some type of curtain system like the hospitals use to wrap the entire bed may be a good semi-permanent solution too.

I’ve seen it at Home Depot or Lowes as well.

You might be able to do something similar using cheap 1x1 or 1x2 lumber and painter’s plastic sheeting.

Hi Joe,

I’m super new to cnc and this is what i came up with as my daughter also plays alot in the garage, It is a grow tent thats 60"x48"x80"

I have yet to cut anything and just got it all setup last night so i cant tell you how well it works but i think it should work awesome.


I actually saw something like that being used for a 3D printer. How long does it take to setup? I like that the tent is short and doesn’t go too high.

The Rockler Ceiling track system is another good solution that can also be used for many things. This will work for painting, 3D Printing, cable management, vacuum hose management, etc. By having it mounted I can just push the curtain against the wall when not in use. I can also mount the Vacuum connections against the wall, and have it vent out when 3D printing. Rockler 4’ tracks are $30 each, $10 for the 90 curve connecting pieces and $10 for the Curtain gliders. So for a 6’x6’ space against one wall it would come out to around $200 not including the curtain. Cheaper and faster than the 3rd hand solutions for a permanent solution.

By the way, did you need to purchase cable extensions from Onefinity or did the Journeyman cables reach ok using the rolling stand?

It took about 30 mins

It came with a new longer cable.

For the QCW frame, did you use the top or bottom mounted version? I’m thinking of ordering one but not sure which one to get?

As for your enclosure, I’ve seen a lot of people using grow tents picked up off of Amazon and it seems to be a good fit for keeping the dust inside the tent. I think that is the way I’m going to go for my first year working with the machine.

I got the bottom version, seemed to be an easier option for me and looks cleaner. Tent looks like the cheapest solution for now.

This is what I have been thinking of…my shop has really high ceilings and I went so far as to look at camping tents…then someone suggested the smaller grow tents. We shall see.

Hi Joe,
Can you tell me the height of the rolling/folding stand, from ground to bottom of QWS. I have my 1F on order, and want to build some storage on casters to slip under there.

Hi Peter,

I just literally finished putting together mine today. It’s 29.5" from floor to bottom of the QCW frame. Hope this helps!



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I got about the same as rustic 29 1/2 if you don’t include the controller which is mounted under the table and going by the poles. If you include the red button of the controller, it is about 26.5 inches. Also, 51 x 36.5 in between the legs.

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Thanks guys,

Yes, I need to make sure there is easy access to the emergency stop button with whatever i come up with. You both have Journeyman I assume, so I think my distance between legs will be 36,5 x 36.5

Thanks again

No problem. Thin part of the table is 36.5 between the legs if you go by the nuts sticking out and longer side is 51 in.

I can’t seem to find one online that is the proper size for the journeyman. It would need to be something like 80"x60"x72". I think it’s a great idea for us users who want a portable solution.

How are you setting up your screen? Using the flimsy bracket(really hate that one) …i’m looking at a way to add a stronger arm so the monitor wont go flying