Rotary on Elite

Has anyone here connected a rotary to their Elite? I’m wondering if I can use the open power connection on the power supply, and how to add this to E-Stop without voiding the warranty.

Sure. The open connection is just another power port for a motor.

Is there any concern of overloading the power supply by adding another motor?

Not if you use the 1.2nm motors :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have a 3Nm (4A)motor. Did you mean a 2Nm (3.5A) motor? I don’t see a 1.2Nm motor on the Masso site.

All motors on the elite are 1.2nm

Can the power supply support a 3Nm when one of the 1.2Nms isn’t doing anything? I’m not sure what a 1.2Nm draws or what that power supply can support.

Is this something 1F might be launching in the future?

I am in the middle of adding a rotary to my Elite, curious what the motor settings should be in the Masso, in particular the min and max degrees, I have seen them set for +360 and -360 but it seems like they should be set to a very high number so the axis can spin in the same direction until the carve is done.
Any advise would be appreciated.
Thanks, Pat

The Masso documentation suggests setting these to very high numbers. It doesn’t say how high is appropriate or possible. At least not that I’ve found.

Does anyone know where to find the 2 pin connectors that the Elite power supply connects to the steppers with? If I add an additional motor to this power supply, I’d love to just use that open connector.

I bought a cable from 1F for the same reason, I wanted to use the available port on the PS.
I just ran a test on my machine using a clamp on ammeter on the 115 Volt supply to the Power supply, with the motors energized it was about .3 amps and when homing the Y axis (2 Motors) it went up to .7 amps, not sure how this correlates to the amp draw at the motors ?

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What motor are you using for the rotary?

Is the cable you bought listed on the website, or did you have to make a special order? I haven’t been able to find it on their site.

With my 3Nm, which draws up to 4A, I’d need to replace the 2A fuse with a 4A fuse and I may need a bigger/additional power supply. I see the power supply inside the unit is a MEAN WELL LRS-350-36, which provides 9.7A at 36V. MEAN WELL also makes a LRS-450-36 which provides 12.5A, but it’s slightly larger, so the bottom panel of the power supply would need new mounting holes, and the VAC input port might need to be removed. I’m not using the VAC port, so that wouldn’t be a problem for me. This would also likely require a replacement fuse for the Main AC port as well. All this is IF I need to and get the guts to replace the provided power supply.

Hey Adam,

I don’t know much about the Elite / Masso controller, but between the power supply and an axis stepper motor (rotary axis included), there is not simply a fuse and a cable, but a stepper driver. It mainly consists of a driver chip that is controlled by the CNC controller, and a MOSFET driver. To dimensionate your stepper motor, you need the electrical specifiations of this stepper driver, otherwise you might overload it.

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I though the Masso 3Nm had a driver built in, and that it was as simple as connecting power and the directional signals, along with a pull-up resistor for the alarm and a resistor for E-Stop.

Is that wrong?

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Hey Adam

I don’t know! If you read that in the specs, that may be correct!

The Elite has stepper motors with integrated drivers, which means, the driver chip and the MOSFET driver are all inside the black box on the side of the motor. On your rotary stepper, this may be different.

Note that a stepper motor electrical draw is not measured in Nm, but in A (Ampères). That’s the relevant value :slight_smile:

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Right… I put a Masso 3Nm on my rotary. It draws up to 4A. Like the Elite motors, which are Masso 1.2Nm motors, it also has a built in driver.

I wish I knew how much the 1.2Nm Elite motors drew.

Hey Adam,

Onefinity Elite Masso Motor Specs


Haven’t decided yet but probably a Masso motor 1.2 Nm like the rest of them.

The cable in not on the website, I emailed them, they sent me a pic and I ordered it, $20.00 plus shipping, be a lot less expensive if I could figure out the connector.