Rough ideas for a Journeyman bench

I have decades of CNC milling and routing experience and want a very stable bench with lots of storage for my Journeyman (when it arrives). I’m not a big fan of the Kreg bench for mostly nit and nat reasons nor am I a fan of a full wood bench. I’ve used H-frame steel legs on other machines so I found an Etsy maker who is making some custom H frames for me. 2x2 steel tube legs with leveling feet , 1/4" x 4" full width tops, 1"x3" lower struts

The intent is for the Journeyman to mount directly over the legs and into the 1/4" x 4" steel crosspieces. I plan to flip the steppers around to the back. I’ll fill the space below with a cabinet with lots of drawers and a large cubby for sheet goods. The second render shows a really rough idea of what I’m considering.

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I needed more space under my bench thank the Kreg and customized one through Bench Depot similar to that.

Kennedy Series Frame with Legs

It was expensive but I am very happy with the design. You can customize the size in any direction and I did in 2 directions, and I ordered mine without a top to reduce freight. I wanted more space under the top to accommodate my dust control and vacuum motor for holding. Still if I had it to do again, I’d find a local welder to build bench depot’s design and save on shipping. Its stronger than what you are sketching here. I’d also add supports across the width in the middle to prevent sag. I did that when mine arrived. It was about $370 plus another $380 or so freight before gas prices sky rocketed. If you go with bench depot, call customer service and they can spec anything you want.