Router not cutting into wood

I have been running a few projects without any issues until now. As I was starting my project the router was barely cutting into the wood. There seems to be no difference in the settings on this project from any of my last ones. Now I will say I had to change the soft limits of the Z axis before because I kept getting the “Under” for the tool path. So I thought I would change it back to the default settings it was originally. After I made that change it is now showing “No Fit”. I feel like it has nothing to do with the GCode but maybe I am missing something.

If anyone can help please let me know.

you should never have to change the soft limits to make something work. Soft limits are the physical limits of the machine. If you’re changing these to make something work, there’s a larger issue.


Hi Michael - agree with the OF leader - you should never have to change the configuration of the machine to get your gcode to work properly. Check the origin of your gcode and make sure you have both homed and zeroed your machine before starting the operation. Recommend posting your gcode for others to inspect if you can.


Sorry it says I’m a new user so it won’t let me upload the gcode.

Can you share via dropbox or something like that?

Looking at the crv file. You have 7 toolpaths. There is a bug in the controller when there are multiple toolpaths, it will stack those one on top of another totaling the height of all toolpaths. This is why different tools must be separated into separate files. That’s your issue.
when viewed from a networked computer, in the gcode preview, notice how each layer stacks on top of each other? That makes the controller think the piece is taller than it really is in z height. You need to separate each toolpath into seperate gcode files.

So just so I am clear I should separate all toothpaths that are for example Vcarve into a file then anything that is fluting etc into their own files?

That’s interesting. I merged 8 toolpaths with the same bit into a .Gcode file (accidentally) through VCarve and it kept running high and I couldn’t figure it out.

I realized I had used the .Gcode post processer and switched back to the .ngc post processer. The merged toolpath ran just fine as a .ngc file.

Anything that is a different tool should be it’s own toolpath.