Router Speed Control

Okay, I’m back with another burning question, since I just received my Makita Router from Home Depot… Does the controller make automatic adjustments to the speed of the makita router when a particular job calls for rpm increase or decrease, is this a process that’s part of the g-code or is this a manual operation for the the user (requiring physical change at the router)

Thanks for the noob Guidance, guys! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Morning Jenn,

No the controller will not adjust the Router RPM’s, you have to do that with the dial on the top of the router. Its not crazy accurate, but it will work for 95% of users. The only way to adjust the RPM’s automatically is with a VFD Spindle and Controller (you can search the forum for any threads).

Few call outs OneFinity does not support any other router than the Makita so if you have issues with a VFD that you install the Forum would be the only support option.

I find that most RPM changes also come with Tool Changes so if you want to adjust the RPM as you change the tool then that would work, but again the dial is not exactly crazy accurate if you are trying to set it to exactly 12,500 RPMs for example… you can get “close” :slight_smile:

But again for 95%+ of the users the standard router is more than capable for most jobs, when you do your search online even those that have taken the plunge of implementing, feel that while it does give more control and speed, etc. it is not really a “necessary” upgrade.

Hope that helps,


Alex, you’re always so responsive. Thank you so much! Makes perfect sense, that’s typically when there might be a need to change the rpm, at tool change. Awesome, I guess a Laser Tachometer might be a handy thing to have if one needed absolute accuracy of the rpm. :slight_smile:

Thanks again Alex!

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My pleasure… glad I could help.

Yes if you want to get dialed in that would work perfectly. I do also find that the dial on some of the Makita’s moves a bit during the carve vibration. I solved this by putting a 1" square of Masking Tape on over the dial after adjusting. I think some of the dials on some routers are a little looser than others, so depending on yours you might be okay… but its worth watching.



To add what what Alex said, I’ve found the RPM of the bit does not matter much compared to feed rate and depth of cut for most woods. I keep mine around 2-3 and all is good. Plastics are likely another matter, which I will be getting into tomorrow. If you know the actual RPM, then you can determine your chip load, which is optimal for aggressive cutting. That is where a VFD works well. Best of luck.