Routing a 1” hole


Why is this jumping? I’ve even reset the rails. I’m trying to bore a series of 1”holes using a .25” mill. It jumps like this on the first row and then settles down on the next row. I also use a 1/8” radius bit to round over the holes and that works fine. It seems to happen no matter where I start the row. Please help.

are you talking about the “shuddering” that we can, see? because that looks like something to do with the rails. Has it any lube on the rails? Are they square. not just parallel but square.

Yes, lubricated and square. It only seems to do this in the first row of the holes. The second and third rows works fine. And I have 100 hole to bore, 10 high by ten wide. This is a big job that has 20 precut panels so if one row messes up the panel is ruined. I re- squared the rails just to be sure. I also started a row in the center of the test panel and it does the same shuttering.

Is it possible the geometry is excessive nodes and is confusing the machine?
In vectric you can look at the geometry in node mode to see.
Just a thought.

have you looked at the gcode in a viewer, like ncviewer? Does it show any abrupt changes?

so starting any place else on the job it start out with the shuddering and then smoothes out? That is weird but I think that it could indeed be a software problem. What software are you using? If it is vcarve pro I would direct you to a guy named Kyle Ely. If it is a software thing and you are using vetrics software he can help you.

You should mention what machine you’re using. Multiple people have reported a similar issue with their Elite systems on multi-axis moves.

It is an X50 woodworker. Thank you all for responding. I have not looked at the gcode. I’m new at this and probably wouldn’t understand it anyway. the geometry looks fine though, all the holes look the same.
I’m now having another issue, sometimes when homing it homes about two inches away from the front stot. If I reboot then it is fine. also it now will not recognise my thumb drive files. I’ve tried different thumb drives, but get the same thing. When I open the folder where my file is, it’s empty.

I’ve had the issue with files not being seen by the controller. For some reason, if I save the file to a drive, then remove and reinsert the drive into my laptop, the controller always sees it. Not sure why this is, but it always workes for me.

This is most likely the answer. Also, ensure you have ramping turned off.

As for homing, check this faq: How To Adjust Stall Homing (Video) (BB Controllers only)

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I’ve had this happen too. I thoroughly cleaned and lubed each rail.
I also required the whole machine.

What do you mean, required? I’m sure it’s a typo……


“resquared” (re-squared) for sure - if I do a spell/dictionary-check on that word on my Mac, it suggests “required” :laughing:

Thanks, I thought maybe you meant rewired.
Things are looking better, I installed new firmware and changed a few settings. It’s better, but not perfect. Trial and error……