Routing holes issue

Hi All
When I’m doing a cutout job I notice that if I have a hole the same diameter as my bit being used then that hole(s) will be skipped. Only holes with larger diameters than the bit being used get routed out. The hole diameters in question are all 3/32" and that’s the size of the bit I’m using. I really don’t want to drop down to a 1/16" bit. So how can I overcome this?

Try peck drilling at lowest RPM. Most CAM programs support this.


Using the same size bit as the hole you are trying to make would be considered drilling instead of milling and any CAM program that I’ve used is aware of this and will not make this move. Using a flat-bottomed end mill to plunge straight down isn’t generally advised either. The peck drilling routine mentioned earlier is the best way to go, but should still use a drill bit in my opinion.


What CAM software are you using?

I use MeshCam for 3D and Carbide Create for pockets. In this instance it’s MeshCam.

Hey Jim,

Check out this post! Might shed some light on your issue.