How to set up a drilling job in either MeshCAM or Carbide Create

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I’m making a guitar neck pocketing template and I used MeshCAM to cut out the pocket. That’s all done and worked out well. I now need to use either MeshCAM or Carbide Create to drill some holes in the template so that they match some holes in the top of the guitar body. I use these template holes with the same diameter drill bits in them so that the drill bits match up into the guitar body holes, which sets up the neck pocket over the exact position it needs to be in over the guitar body. My issue is that I have no idea how to create the drilling job in either of the two CAM apps. It seems even adding a drill bit or end mill for drilling is a chore. So, does anybody know how to set up a job in either Meshcam or Carbide Create for drilling? I have a 1/16" end mill with a .625" cutting length and a 1/8" shaft. I understand actual drill bits are not used but end mills instead for drilling jobs. The holes are .109" in diameter. The stock is 1/2" MDF. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

There’s a drill toolpath in Carbide Create. Simply assign it to a circular design (diameter irrelevant), the peck option should remove chips more effectively.

The challenge with drill bits in the 1F, as you are already aware, is that the Makita router cannot go to the low RPM and the mounting options are limited. It is therefore more frequent to pocket holes: draw a circle of the correct diameter and choose a pocket toolpath.

I have had good success milling a jig or template on the 1F and fitting it with inexpensive bushings from a dowelling kit before hand drilling.


Thanks for the reply.
I have a spindle. However, I have no idea how low the rpm’s can go nor have I tested that. Will have to look into it. My main thing here is in figuring out how to set up the job. The Drill option in CC does nothing for me when I click on it. My other issue in CC is that, let’s say I choose Pocket, which actually does do something for me, well, I can’t seemed to be able to add the tool I need. The 1/16" end mill in CC is too short for my need. I want to add a .625" cutting length 1/16" end mill but I see no way how.

Make sure you have selected a circle in your design prior to hitting the drill toolpath.

The tool selector is the topmost option in any toolpath.

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How do you get to the Drilling Toolpath box?

As I have explained already :wink: by drawing a circle first… In design draw a circle, diameter is irrelevant.

In Toolpaths, with the circle selected, hit Drill

Oh, I think you are doing this in CC’s CAD. I do all my design/drawing in TurboCAD for Mac. No wonder I couldn’t find this. However, the key thing you said regards selecting the circle as I just did that and then that Drilling Toolpath box comes up now. Thank you.

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I does not matter how you CAM (I do most of my work in Fusion 360), but it’s only logical that the drill toolpath is assigned to a circle. The bit don’t drill rectangular holes :grin:


I selected all the circles at once and I was allowed to create the g-code drilling file. I ran it and the router drilled all 8 holes. However, the router just did a straight plunge using the 1/16" end mill. It did not spiral around to create the entire diameter of the hole, (.107" or something). So now I need to figure out how to get the router to drill out the entire hole rather then just a straight plunge. Also, I have the option to choose a tool as in your pic, but I still cannot add a tool and have all the options to configure, like cutting length.
Update: Changing to Pocket instead of Drill performed the operation I wanted. I believe why I never got to this place before is because I was not first selecting what to pocket. I assumed the program knows once the file loads. Lastly, now to get the correct tool in there so that I can “drill” to the correct depth.

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