RowdyRoman Accessory Package

Hey guys I wanted to let you know I have a package deal up on my Etsy Shop
$118 Value for $99 plus free domestic shipping


Hey Peter, what are the green things and where do they go? I don’t remember seeing those before.


Those are new and have been added to the hole caps. They are flexible filament and wrap around the holes with plugs and insert into the hole! I will eventually have more black flexible filament like in this picture. image|666x500

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I would rather see someone come into the 3d printing world if they are going to spend money on items that can be done by 3d printing for free. You are in a world of makers. I wish to counter your offer by offering 150$ for a ender 3 with 3d printed upgrades a glass bed and a wham bam bed that has been gathering dust. nothing worng with it. I use CR-10S Pro’s now with upgraded bltouch sensors only reason why it dont get used much. You can make it and more…
Ender 3 upgraded glass bed/ And brand new wham bam build plate not put on yet. filament Friday (Chucks designs) sd card expander /fan guard 150$ dusty

Current prints that await my onefinitycnc

in progress cam clamp.jpg - Google Drive

Are you trying to sell your Ender?