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As mentioned in my Drag chain post, the website now has an Accessories section live in it. While everything is still clearly OOS (completely understandable), I have a few questions for @onefinitycnc1 and @Mark

On the SuckitPRO , will it be possible to upgrade to the Pro version vs the one that comes with the Onefinity? OR even better do we get the Pro by default?

On the breakout board, on the OOPS clamps, are these the same ones that you had before? I purchsed several sets for my X-Carve and am hoping they can be used here? They look similar but if you could confirm that would be awesome.

Thanks again for all the killer stuff you guys are doing!

Cheers, :beers:

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Really pleased to see the accessories are live as a newbie I was just wondering if $745 is a good price for a laser and if there is a discount for buying the complete set if accessories??
Also I thought there was going to be a begginers starter pack of bits?
Super excited September is getting closer.

Hey Alex, all pre-orders will be upgraded to the Pro Suckit free of charge. The Oops clamps are the same, you’ll be good to go with them. We’ve never sold a breakout board before so I can’t comment on whether the one you have will work. If you give me more info on your breakout board I can let you know. Hope this helps.


Thanks @Mark this is great news, glad I did not throw all the clamps in with my X-Carve sale.