Sanding letters after carving it out?

Hi everyone
Any suggestions on how to sand letters when they come out a bit rough? I do use a down cut bit. I even get a bit of the fuzzies when I use the 90 degree bit. Looking to clean up the inner part s of the letters, for the top just sand.

I use a battery operated rotary tool. Does just right with a multi bit set to get in all the small contours of lettering.

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I use [320 grit wheel for drill](uxcell Nylon Wheel Brush 320… and a razor blade to clear the fuzzies and get into the deeper carves. Usually I am too impatient to rerun the V tool path. When I do, it does a pretty good job too.

Thanks. I just bought it !! I reran the v bit as well
Thanks for everyone’s help.

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