Screw Torque Tension

Good Day everyone

Does anyone know if there is a standard for how much to torque the screws when assembling the onefinity? From experience fixing dirtbikes, I have erred when tightening too much, and had screws either damage casings of my bikes or ended up snapping the screw heads. Since then I alway torque to manufacturings specs.

I am particulary interested in how much the screws holding the makita/router should be torqued. Is loctite recommended for use on parts holding the X or Y axis?
My 1F is built on the rolling stand, so I imagine their will be tension or torsion forces on the parts when moving the machine around a lot.

I am writing here, as I could not find a topic which has covered this yet, if I missed something, please just point me in the right direction. Thanks!


Hey Fred,

I know no advice or information the manufacturer gives regarding this.

I have experience from fixing bikes too and I think if you have this experience you are at an advantage compared to others. When assembling the machine this experience should ensure you do things right. Most people turn screws too tight.

I know of no advice from the manufacturer regarding this.

The manufacturer of my spindle writes:

The introduction of clamping force into the outer surface of the motor spindle is by no means punctual, but rather over an area of at least 8000 mm².

The clamping must not take place in the area of the main bearings, as this can lead to bearing damage and increased power loss! The motor spindle is provided with a corresponding marking line above which the clamping can take place.

It is also important to ensure that the clamping force does not decrease over time, e.g. due to vibrations. If necessary, the screws must be secured with screw locking.

– Source: Original-Betriebsanleitung - MECHATRON Serie HFS Hochfrequenz-Motorspindeln

But they don’t tell us their preference for a screw locking method’s choice.

As for screws that could loosen on the rolling stand generally I would think that after the proof of ineffectiveness of spring lock washers or toothed lock washers there remain only a few screw locking mechanisms[1].

Regarding washers there was this discussion here the other day:

Where are the washers?

Agree that torque specs would be great for each assembly location.