Separated Play button


Can I make Play button using a separate switch without pressing Play button using the touch screen?
I really need it.
Please help me.


@BOHYUNLEE - it does not appear to be possible. You might be able to trigger a start event by using the inputs from the break out. That is, if the state of the input on the break out changes, run a macro to start the selected program. But I don’t think the controller support that kind of arbitrary scripting right now.


Thank you for your reply.
With this issue, I asked Buildbotics and received a reply as follows.

“This is not a feature that we support. However, if your robot controller is able to create HTTP Requests and send them out onto a local area network”

I am thinking of conducting a test with Arduino with potential.
I will feedback on the results after proceeding.
Best regards,


Hmm, interesting. An ESP32 might work better since it has networking (WIFI) and some HTTP libraries already.

Thank you so much for your interest.
I need this function because I have to use a cooperative robot.
Arduino and parts are prepared.
But I have to wait until the Journeyman I ordered arrives.