Setting Up The JTech 7w Laser


Can the JTech 7w laser on the OneFinity be used with VCarve software? VCarve does not list the OneFinity as being supported.

Yes it can. 20 characters

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yes it can.
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I downloaded and installed the latest OneFinity laser post processor for Vectrics. The 7W laser does not appear in the tool list there is a 3.8 & 6 watt but no 7watt. Guess it has to manually inputted

Yes, that’s what I did. The simulation comes out lighter too. There will be a lot of experimenting getting to know the laser. But what a blast playing with it.

I ran my first laser program today–100% agree simulation is much lighter. I did a photograph which looked good in Vectrics but was pretty dark when I ran it.

Haven’t figured out how to zero it, since I can’t get the Laser to fire with MDI codes–so I just roughly got in place and let it run–but I’m going to need to figure out how to get this accurately positioned–It is fun though & opens up a whole new aspect that I can incorporate in my work.

I found that Printing a 10mm x 10mm grid on the wasteboard gives nice fine lines to line up your work on. First, home x and y. I set my homing to 0 backoff so I can tell if it homes correctly leaving no space at the stops. This is for repeatable accuracy. Also, make sure that your laser mounts the same each time. I leave my mount on all the time and made a holder for the laser out of thin plywood that mounts in the top two holes of the mount when not using it. Make sure your mount and laser are square to the table before tightening the four screws. To double check that the laser beam is lined up with the grid lines I figured out how to fire it with the MDI codes. After homing, shut it down from the screen, when the screen goes blue shut the controller off and then restart it. Cancel homing when prompted, then the MDI code m3 s10 will work. Each time you move the machine the laser will stop firing. However, enter the code again by clicking on the line you used before and hit the start button. You can keep doing this as long as you don’t re-home it. I also use the grid lines for the router. The screen buttons allow you to move .1, 1, 10, and 100mm at a time. I will typically run it to 200x 200y and put my piece right there lining it up precisely along those two lines. Works great. For my machine the difference between router bit and laser beam is 70mm for y and within 1mm for x. Always remember to 0 x and y and the machine will remember that spot when you hit xy0 on the screen.

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Thanks Alden! This going to help get me going in the right direction–appreciate it