Shipping updates?

Hey Tom,

perhaps you would have been more satisfied with ordering the Any Surface Leveling System with it as it provides parts for the inside of each QCW Frame’s foot with a thread in it. Instead of using the leveling feet provided with it you could drive bolts from under the table into the four corners of the frame. These threaded parts unfortunately don’t come with QCW Frame

Once I move mine to its final location I simply intend to use angle brackets to secure it to the table. I agree it would have been nice to have a solution included but as makers… We make…

The leveling feet were not included with my QCW and I believe they are an add-on as the bolt from below method appears to be how you mount it to their rolling folding cart. It needs to be bolted to that or it would fall off when tilted over & folded up.

That’s an issue with my table because I have a torsion box and would need to remove one skin. And then I’d have to precisely locate the holes needed for the bolts by measuring the QCW and squaring it to the tabletop before locating the holes.

Instead what I’ll be doing this week is drilling new 1/2" holes into the top of the QCW foot blocks. Then I will insert a hex head screw (I’m going to use the tapcons the 1F came with) from above and slip a washer under it from the open end of the tube as the screw comes down. Then I’ll tighten it down using an impact drive and socket with socket extension. I won’t muck up the threads on the foot bottom mounts but that should take care of getting it properly attached & square.

If that doesn’t work, I’ll have to suck it up, pull the skin off the other side of the torsion box and go through an attempt to get bolts attached from underneath. It would have been far easier if they had added attachment points to the QCW foot blocks that could be accessed from the top as they did with the Y rails.

Even if I had a fixed table vs my rolling tilting one, I’d not want to use the Any Surface feet - unattached to the table would seen to be prone to it walking when used, no matter how much the rubber portion of the feet grip.

I did use the 1F to make the MDF inserts. I setup a VCarve file to make the through holes & pockets based on the drawing they posted. The measurements came out spot on. That will let me make replacements and I avoid the janky drilling they suggest for the attach from above version.

Hey Jim,

I don’t know if you really got what I meant.

First this has already been discussed before, when people wondered that there is no method provided for attaching the QCW frame to a tabletop. Finally Dale who was the first participant to the topic who had the Any Surface Leveling System ordered together with the QCW Frame reported that the threaded inserts that could be used for using bolts from below to attach it to a table top (and which normally would be used to hold the leveling feet) are part of the Any Surface Leveling System, and not of QCW Frame (and have to be ordered separately, which I recommend frequently in this forum):

yes, this one: Any Surface Leveling System

And what Dale above mentioned but did not make a photo of, is the same part that I mean that I neither made a photo of, so we remain in the dark… erm, the parts I mean and that Dale means too are delivered only with Any Surface Leveling System, not with QCW Frame.

And what I meant to use for attaching to a table top with bolts from below is not the leveling feet but the parts with the molded thread inserts described above, which you slid into the QCW tubes at each end.

I don’t think so. As for driving a bolt through a torsion box, it is clear that the bolt has to be fixed to the upper layer, but from the underside. To achieve this, you could make a servicing hole on the underside without affecting torsion box stability to access the bolts with which you would attach the QCW Frame to upper layer. The hole would just need to have the diameter of your hex bolt head. For boring such a service hole I would recommend these nice and ingenious Star-M Depth stops :slight_smile: :

Star-M No.5005 Drill Stopper

The plastic cap rotates freely and stops rotating when you reach desired depth. I use a set of them, from 3 mm (=approx. 1/8″) drill diameter upwards. Picture shows ⌀ 15 mm drill (=approx 19/32″). Available here or here

I share your opinion that I would always attach such a machine to the table. But in fact it seems that the easy way to do this with QCW Frame is if you order the Any Surface Leveling System together with QCW Frame and not use the leveling feet, but use the parts with the threads you acquired this way :slight_smile:

I was probably being too literal. The way you phrased your comment about the feet implied that they were included with the QCW.

BTW, mine did not have threaded inserts as you suggested might be there. I don’t know if that’s a change in manufacturing, but my QCW has drilled & tapped holes in the bottom of the foot blocks.

I’m drilling corresponding holes on the top of the blocks for access so I can insert screws from the top. The screws are sized so they fit in the threaded holes without engaging the threads so I can always go back and use a bolt if I ever want to mount it somewhere else.

Hey Jim,

I checked my original comment but I find the attribution of “with it” was meaning the “Any Surface Leveling System”. Maybe you are reading too fast sometimes :wink:

As far as I understood you did not order the Any Surface Leveling System, so as I tried to explain above, you did not get the threaded inserts, just one big hole in each QCW foot block with no thread in it, is this true? This is what was reported too in this thread.

I feel a little bit uncomfortable as I rarely bring myself into a situation where I do not provide my sources, but because of our planned (and unfortunately now delayed) move everything is full of cardboard boxes with our packed things, partially stacked up to the ceiling, so I will provide a photography of the threaded insert that is part of Any Surface Leveling System later! :slight_smile: So please everone pardon me, it’s not my style to not provide a picture or a link! :slight_smile:


Not worth continuing to dissect the references of “it” in each of the sentences in this post that started it all (in response to Tom’s complaints about the QCW).

Hey Jim,

but you can’t resist to :slight_smile:

Me neither, at least I would like to make no mistakes, especially as a non-native english speaker

Would this patch to my comment remove the “it”-attribution ambiguity?

 perhaps you would have been more satisfied with ordering the Any
 Surface Leveling System with it as it provides parts for the inside of
 each QCW Frame’s foot with a thread in it. Instead of using the leveling
-feet provided with it you could drive bolts from under the table into the
+feet provided with Any Surface Leveling System you could drive bolts from under the table into the
 four corners of the frame. These threaded parts unfortunately don’t come
 with QCW Frame

Got an email from UPS on the 14th with a tracking number and yesterday got an email from Kirbre Enterprises saying my Journeyman X-50 will be here today!!..Order #24193


Just received my tracking. Order 25087. WW X50. ETA is pending. Now to build that table and clear space in my shop… :smiley:

Just received my Journeyman or Wife did, but little concerned about gaping hole in box. I’ll have to check it when i get home.

Well, i opened boxes today. At didnt see any damage at first glance. I think everything is ok but i dont have a table yet to put this on so i really havent got a real close look at it. One thing i can confirm as this a very heavy duty machine.

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My Journeyman just came two weeks ago and also had a big hole in the box. I checked everything and it looked good. Yes very heavy!

All mine had holes. No damage. Only way to prevent is to create and that’s too pricey!

#26782 here. Order placed this morning. Not sure why I can’t update the spreadsheet above. I’ll hop on the computer here in a few and see if Windows/Brave will cooperate any better than Android/Chrome.

Ordered a few days ago…Now to use this wait time wisely and get the shop in order!

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Received my X-50 Woodworker today. Perfect timing since I’m headed out of town tomorrow for the week. Oh well, it will be here when I get back. Still need to build a table for it, though…

Ordered on 15 January.

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Ordered Jan. 15th. Arrived Feb 28th in Southeast USA. Slight damage to x-rail box, but no apparent damage to contents. Shops been ready - now to get it all assembled and carving!


Journeyman Order 24558 ordered 12/23 shipped 2/28

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Hello to everyone, hope you all are doing well and keeping safe from all the craziness in the world. I will soon(dont know yet when) be the proud owner of my first CNC, the 35x35 woodworker, i am from UK and i would kindly ask if some else from around here ordered one and could share a few details regarding other shipping/customs taxes, will the packges be shipped to my adress or i will have to go and pick them up from somwhere. Many thanks in advance for you time, info and advice. Happy milling