Should I use the prob for a 1/32 drill bit?

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This may be a stupid question, but should I use the prob to calibrate a 1/32 drill bit? Or would it be wise to manually set the xyz axis? Just bought my first 1/32 drill bit to cut out some inlays for my first guitar build, and wanted to make sure that I wouldn’t snap a 40 dollar drill bit. :slight_smile:

I probe 1/32" endmills for Z height but never for X and Y, for that I use a .250" dowel pin.

So you use the metal box probe for the Z axis?

For 1/32" bits my go to is ebay. They sell name brand ones for making holes in circuit boards for cheap. I think I paid less than $10 for a 5 pack. Like Derek I probe all 3 axis with a 1/4" bit or rod and then reprobe the Z axis after the bit change.

Just to be clear, you’re talking about a 1/32 end mill or a drill bit? A drill bit won’t probably do well for inlays.

I meant end mill and not drill bit. :slight_smile:

I just bought a $50 Amana 1/32 bit for plastic. I too am worried about breaking the bit. Good advice on the XY probe with a ¼ dowel.
So, it sounds like a Z probe is OK.

What about feeds and speeds?
Do you go with the tool database or slow it down?

Another question.

On the XY probe with a ¼ dowel….
Should I always use a ¼ dowel? Is this a best practice?

I use my 1/4 inch (6.35mm) end mill or ball end mill to probe XYZ and rough out my projects.

Then a tool change and just probe Z the for the 1/32 inch.

I think it is neither safe nor practical to use a 1/32 for probing XY.

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I probe all 3 axis when using a 1/32" bit. The machine stops immediately once electrical contact is made. Never had a problem. In fact I’ve never broken a 1/16" or 1/32" bit even though I bought 10 packs of each off of ebay.

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I see. Do you use the shank diameter (probably 1/8") or the cutting diameter (1/32") for the XY?

My 1/32" inch bits are very short, so the shaft will probably touch first?