Probing other sized bits

I cant seem to use the touch probe for a 3/16 in endmill.

If its not one of the presets it wont allow me to move forward with the process, Anyone have this issue

What version of the software are you using? I stuck with 1.09 and with it you just type in the bit diameter. If you are running a different version that won’t let you do this, then start with a 1/4" bit. Get your XYZ done with the 1/4" then switch to your 3/16" and do the Z again.

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Im using the latest.
That’s how I worked around it, but it really seems like I should just be able to punch in the diameter and go.

I’m on v1.1. You can punch a value in, at least I think I did.


So im dumb, well sort of,

I was punching in .1875

not 3/16 which also did not work but “3/16 in” does
i assume ".1875 in " will also work