Probe "Diameter" default mm?

As a newbie I obviously messed with my probe settings and must have screwed things up on the “Diameter” dimension. I have a caliber and have X, Y and Z set correctly per 1F video. What I don’t know is how to measure the probe “Diameter”. If anyone could share the “default Diameter” measurement I can work backwards and determine the exact calibration of my probe’s Diameter.

Also, my probe “Units” are set to “Imperial” yet the Probe “Dimensions” ask for Diameter, X,Y and Z in “mm”. Should I be using mm when updating the Probe settings even though I have Units set to Imperial?


I think “diameter” is the bit diameter not the probe plate diameter. It should prompt you for this every time.

You could easily test whether or not the unit setting matches the probe units by testing with a diameter of “1.” 1 inch will move a lot, 1mm will not move very much.

Thanks for the feedback. I finally realized the diameter of the bit was what the probe was using after watching a bunch of probe videos. Thanks again!