Simple Foot Stool Using Sketchup

I should have posted this a while back. It is a foot stool for my wife when she works from home. What’s cool about this project is it was pretty simple, but I let the OneFinity do all the work. I even let the machine do small marks for all the holes to drill. Basically, I created it in Sketchup, then imported the Sketchup file into VCarve Pro and fine tuned it after that. There is a small but fun learning curve, but not by much I don’t think. Hopefully this will encourage others who use Sketchup or some sort of drawing program to branch out and see what the CNC can do. I’m happy to share the Sketchup file with anyone who wants it.

Merry Christmas!


That’s pretty cool! I like simple.

Very nice! I, too, like simple.