Sketchup to Onefinity accurately (via Easel or via any method)

Hi there.

I’m really banging my head against the wall here.

I know SU well. I have started with Easel for the CAM side of things, but can switch to anything else if someone has a recco.

There’s no point in using either (and CNC) if I’m getting results that are + 15% off. Hell, if I want imprecise, I can go back to a bandsaw!

My sketchup file is in inches. The file is absolutely flat. I exported in 2d, DXF, and then imported into Easel with the DXF import tool.

The notion that I should have to create a rectangle and check everything on every import seems crazy to me.

Surely there is a way to get an accurate file from one program to another.

I can’t really understand how all of the various product managers—SU to Easel to Onefinity—aren’t figuring out how to support SU community better, since this is obviously a very large group of woodworkers.

Solid woodworkers do not want to create their files in Easel–it’s easy but not nearly robust enough for woodworking design. Many of us are legacy users of Sketchup.

Note: one thing that could be a source of error is that DWF import asks about the path inside, on, or outside, which seems redundant to the cutting settings elsewhere.

However, with a 1/8" bit, this would not be adding as much error as I am seeing.

Appreciate any help. I just think it’s nuts to have to restart my design process in, say, Fusion 360 to solve this.

From my viewpoint Easel is the absolute basic in terms of CAD/CAM software. If you could export as .SVG rather than .DXF that would be preferable. However, If I were you, I would perhaps look at something like Carbide Create or Fusion 360 as free options. On the other hand, Vectric’s VCarve Desktop or VCarve Pro are certainly up to the task but come at a price.

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Virtually all of my g-code files originate from a 2D DXF file, even if they start in Inventor. I then use Estlcam to generate the CAM program (g-code). Estlcam is free for as long as you can tolerate it… the free version adds a 1 second count before generating the g-code file each time you use it. The good news is that it’s an inexpensive program. I think the current pricing is around $60 for a lifetime license. Easel is like playing in the sandbox. Estlcam in spite of its simplicity is at least more akin to a “real” CAM application.

Hello Tom, were you able to solve your problem with respect to moving sketchup 2d into Easel?

I have a similar issue, I like and know sketchup, I’m making some cam clamps, I export the cam clamp from sketchup as a 2d (dxf) and can import it into Easel, but no matter what I do with respect to units, Easel imports the file as inches instead of mm’s. It then tiles the file and I can’t scale the entire clamp, only pieces, wondering if you had any success with importing sketchup dxf’s into easel?