Skinny Jenny Vetric Settings

I have seen this asked a few times and the answer at times is the sheet from Cody, I do not know how to make heads or tails with, what I am asking is if one of our members won’t mind posting a picture of the Vetric Tool Data Base that will show what they are

or tell me what changes I need to make, I thank you ahead of time.

I hope you found what you are looking for here. I too have had the same issue with locating information. Why cant the tool databases just be available for download like other bits. Dont even bother looking for info on Youtube, youll end up finding music for 8675309 or The Jenny. feeling frustrated.

Is this what you are looking for?

Not sure if it has always been there, but I found it on both the manufacturer’s website and at the bottom of each Onefinity product listing for these bits.

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