So basic I'm embarrassed

I am trying to do my first 3d carve and using two bits to do the work. The first I used is a 1/4"diameter 2 flute end mill. For the clean up I used a 90 Vbit. The finished piece looked so bad I wouldn’t even post it in fails. I’m pretty darned certain it has to do with the end mills I chose. If I can have some insight into proper bits to use for this type of carving I would really appreciate it.

You will need a Ball Tip bit to do 2.5D/3D projects. A 1/4 inch Ball Tip bit will do fine if the project has very little detail.
A tapered Ball Tip bit with a 1/16 tip will do fine detail. I hope this helps.

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so the ball bit for roughing?

You can use a regular endmil for roughing. You need a Ball Tip for the detail pass.

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Check out this guys channel. He has a lot of good info for beginners.

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This was a great video thanks for the tip.