Soft alarm on Y Axis motion error?

I’m running waste board flattening,

I keep getting this error, any assistance is appreciated.

I am having the same issue. Was wondering what the outcome is and if you can share the solutions

Your trying to machine outside its limits. 100%

A couple of courses of action.
If your xy orientation is in the center, verify your xy zero is in the middle, same with any other position

Other course of action, undersize your toolpaths by like 1/4"

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I aligned my spoil board with the edge of the T-Track on the QCW.

When you home the machine it comes further forward (Hard limits, which cNt be changed)

This caused soft limit error when trying to flatten waste board. I re mounted the waste boArd about 2 inches further ahead, which solved the issue.

I just kept subtracting from x and y in the editor until it stopped giving me the error. When it ran it left a “lip” of high material around the edge, or at least on two sides, which ironically I just ran “manually” with the jog function to clean up.