Soft alarm on z-axis motion at line

Getting this error message.
Elite Foreman
Using Carveco maker
Has happened at two different lines in the code now.
Origin point is set to front left and is correct in the software.
Homed. Zeroed. Probed corner of piece for all 3.
Stop point when I get the error message has been in the middle of the board (not edges). z-axis seems to suggest up and down anyway, right?
I have not changed any allowances or tolerances from factory settings anywhere.
Width of the piece has been entered correctly.
Probe has been measured.

I did read "Help, my toolpath says “Under or Over” in the forum. Nothing about “soft alarm”. So…

  • Is this the same type of error as “soft limit”?
  • Anything else I can read to try and understand what’s happening?
  • What am I missing here?



im getting the same error did you ever fix it?

Hi Reuben,

Yes. It was about the height of the router/bit. I was off on the depth of a cut. However, it all really stemmed from the length of a “normal” length bit (whatever that really means) If you don’t put an additional spoil board on top of the QCW wasteboard (which is what I have), “normal length bits” will not reach the board when using the Makita router. You can make them reach by only putting a small amount of the shaft in the collett, but that is not safe. Onefinity’s answer to this is to put another spoilboard on top of the spoilboard already there. Seems like a lousy solution to me.

The shorter answer to your question (:grinning:) is that it’s a problem with the Z-axis going out of range trying to reach the depth you have set up.

Hope that helps!


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thanks for this information, I was seeing the same message. I will change the bit length and try again.

I tried to move the bit up, down and I still get the same alarm. I’m using a flattening bit 1 inch wide. is there a longer shafted bit out there? or a extension I can get to use it?