Sounds like bearings? What do you think

So I started getting this noise along the Y axis. Any ideas. @OnefinityCNC

In the video it sounds like the ‘rattle’ sound is the same after moving +/-, is that correct? It does sound like something continues to ‘spin’ after it stops moving. You’ve probably already done this but try moving the axis while watching/listening from positions all around the machine, maybe you can zero in on the source from there.

I’d also try manually recreating the sound manually (as much as is possible) with the machine turned off. (kind of lke a wiggle test on parts of the axis and drives)

Lastly, I’d check each of the drive’s components for excess looseness. A a wild speculated guess; maybe the ball screws are drying out & could use some oil?

Sound only happens when I move it the max setting so 5, at .05 or less there is no sound. I can’t pinpoint I’ve put my hand on everything while moving. Kind of sounds like the bearings on the tubes. But can’t feel anything

Sounds like a washer spinning on a shaft to me. I may be wrong, but I would check to see if the washer on the Y screws opposite the stepper motors are spinning on the shaft.

I kind of wondered the same thing…I don’t know how large the physical gap is between those linear bearings that could make that sound when the axis suddenly stops movement. If you’re not seeing any wear marks on the rails though I’d not worry on that point. I can’t hear it on mine but that might just be the difference in the machines.