Speeds and Feeds for 1F

Trying to learn all I can before my journeyman arrives and many of the videos say alot of the values for your chipload , speed rate, etc will partially depend on your machine. The more robust the machine and more powerful the router / spindle is, the larger the values. So my question is if there is some info from onefinity in that regards. ie Is there some sort of table that lists recommended values?

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The 1F is capable of running anything 1/4 shank and smaller at full speeds and can use the full chipload range. Having said that there is a sweet spot on the makita router around 2.5 that will determine your rpms and set your speeds. A spindle would unlock the full potential of the 1F.


Machine rigidity can be a great limiter on feed rates more so than the spindle. We a very lucky to be using a great machine so rigidity is a small factor. Tool diameter and chip loads are the next factors along with spindle rpm. Larger tools with larger chip loads allow for faster feed rates. That said there is a lot that goes into a good feeds and speeds setup. One good tool to help you learn would be my app www.cncexplorer.com. you can try different spindles and bit combinations and see the effect on feed rates.

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Edward I tried this and get the same thing. This says the 2.2kw spindle runs the same speed as the Makita. I know the hp of the spindle is a limiting factor so why does this not change the speeds in your program?

Just having more hp available will have no effect on speed. Rpm effects speed. You may need the extra hp if you are turning a large bit requiring more power. Otherwise the same rpm for both spindles will calculate to the same speed.

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Then why say “try different spindles and bit combinations and see the effect on feed rates”? I did not think you app did this and is why I responded. Sry just trying to follow along but both the comment and the app are confusing.