Spindle motor options

Hello guys I just placed an order for my elite foreman 48x48 I wanted to see if you guys were able to run the cheaper amazon spindles and controllers or it has to be from pwncnc.com?

I would really like to spend under 500 for the spindle and there is many kits around 400 which are water cooled and 1.5kw 80mm.

End of the day I understand pwm is much higher quality and more compatible but has anyone tried using the Amazon brands with the oneinfinity?

Really appreciate anyone who can help me pick a spindle that would cost under 500 and at the same time not make me regret complications as far as setting it up with the foreman.

Hey Mike,

I don’t know if the PwnCNC spindle is to be considered differently than the other cheap chinese spindles. What I know, is that there is not only a difference between industrial spindles and VFDs like I bought and cheap chinese spindles and VFDs, but also between cheap chinese and expensive chinese spindles. So, …

As I have no experience with the PwnCNC spindle, I cannot say anything about how to best classify it.

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond, I guess to clarify my question my main concern was about the controller and their compatibility with the masso that comes with the oneinfinity.

Any inputs on a cheaper controller?

I’ve had a China spindle which performed really well so I’m not too worried about the spindle being an issue, in all honesty I don’t mind buying a cheaper setup for a couple months to experiment and get some funds together for a better unit later down the line.

The advantages of pwn is the support and plug n playability. Amazon spindle your on your own, basically.

And you already bought the foreman implying you’d rather do it once than do it over

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Chris I’m beginning to agree with you more and more by the minute, after looking at some YouTube videos it sounds like a royal pain in the rear to get the generic stuff only to save a couple hundos.

I was just wondering if there is any other plug and play options that don’t cost as much as the pwm.

End of the day I think I’m going to suck it up and order pwm, plug and play it cause I don’t really have the time to sit and fiddle with things and do wiring and wait for random parts to come in but if anyone has another plug and play option please do let me know as I’m going to sleep on it to get more info before I order tomorrow.

Thank you to everyone that is replying and helping with their inputs.

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Yeah, i was in the same boat as you… do i figure it out myself, or do i pay someone who figured it out for me…

I ended up going where you want, 80mm, er20, water cooled 1.5kw and my only regret is not doing it sooner before plug n play (i was pretty early on ordering the pwn kit).

If you want to save a couple bucks though, you could use promo code chriss

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Nice thank you I’ll definitely use the promo code when I order

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I went with a HY VFD and 220V 2.2kw 80mm air cooled spindle. I have a sheet for the settings for the VFD and found a guy on the Onefinity facebook forum who was making up control cables from the VFD to the Masso that plugs in the same GX16 or 12 (can’t remember) plug on the Masso that the PWN connects to. Even with the cost of an hour for an electrician to do the soldering properly, I’m still £500-£600 up. It takes a bit more work but isn’t as complicated as it looks. There is plenty of help out there, and that will grow the more machines go out there. Don’t be held to ransom by intimidation.