Stanley Liberty Bell Plane

Second project on my onefinity. I did a whole writeup over on lumberjocks and have a link below. I used the onefinity for the plane body, 4 operations top down only. It could have been improved if I wasn’t a beginner and understood all the fusion settings. I’m still stumbling around in the dark a lot.

The handle was 6 operations ref holes, profile, scallop, flip, profile, scallop, contour

Not wholly CNC related, but I am super excited at combining tools. I used my fusion 360 model to

  1. print out slices to make sure the CNC cuts would have the correct dimensions and
  2. add in a 3d printed drill guide that gave me the correct angle for the long bolt. The click when it locked into place on the handle was super satisfying.

I’m still messing up some of my settings, but having fun learning as I go.

Thanks for looking!

If you want the longer version with the ratty before shots.