Stepper Motor Getting Stuck

Just unpacked/assembled a brand new woodworker and ran my surfacing program, the x axis stalls/sticks when running to the right (+) but runs fine when running to the left (-). I took the stepper motor off and ran the program with it unconnected to the machine (see below video) and the stepper motor still stalls/sticks. I made sure the buildbotics was running default settings. I also verified it is not a problem with my gcode file because the issue still occurs when I use the X+ button on the buildbotics controller. Any ideas? Is this a defective stepper motor? I did try reducing the max acceleration/jerk settings to about half their default and the problem goes away. Seems to me the stepper should be able to handle default settings though.

Sounds defective.

Try swapping that x motor with the z and visa versa, that will let us know if it’s the motor or the wiring.

Send an email to with the results and link this forum post and they’ll get a replacement part out.

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Thanks Onefinity Support!

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