Stop and Pause - What should they do

I’m still getting used to the 1F versus my old Shapeoko

When I pressed pause, the machine just stopped moving. The z axis remained the same.

When I pressed stop, the machine simply stopped moving and the z axis remained the same.

Did I do something wrong? How are these two supposed to work?

On the Shapeoko - Pause stops the X and Y, then raises the Z axis a short distance. I could restart from pause and the Z axis returned to where it was. Stop ended the program, the X and Y would return to the zero position.


Hello Steve,

The Pause is exactly that it just pauses the machine exactly where it sits. It does not even turn off the router if you have that enabled. Vs. the Stop actually stops your whole job, hitting start again will not pick up where it left off. You could need to home again and his Play and the machine will air carve until it gets to where you hit stop the continue carving.

Hope that helps.