Strange behavior

I don’t even know how to describe what happened, so here’s a picture. I’m making beer flight paddles, and have done about 10 of them successfully, and then this happened right at the end of the job.

The 1/4" bit bored as far as possible down into the spoil board, and then was ripped out of the collet.

I made no changes to the post processing file that I used on previous jobs, so I have no idea what happened. Any ideas?

Based on feedback from the Facebook Onefinity group, it looks like my collet loosened and the bit came free after 10+ jobs.

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Yup, I did the same thing on Saturday. I was fortunate to hit the emergency stop button just before it make it through my top board of the torsion box. Had it gone through I’d have lost the bit in the box.

That’s exactly what happened.

Source: it happened to me