T tracks installed last night

Just got tracks installed


Looks good. That’s my next task after setting up over the weekend. How did you adhere the MDF planks to the table?

I haven’t yet, I’m going to drill and countersink with plain screws i think, I’ll post a picture when i get there.

I cut the outer 2 pieces of mdf 2.875"wide, and the other 7 inside pieces 5.75" wide, all 41.5" long to make alignment super easy. Used 4x 36" t tracks and 4x 41.5" tracks

I didn’t mean to put this in the FAQ section, i apologize i am new lol

Used 1 inch wood screws, countersunk 1/4" , 1 row at each end and one row in the center, spaced 1 inch from outer edges

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