Table builds, elite

My goal is to have my table ready when my Elite Foreman shows up, and, I want to allow for the 4th axis. And tenons on the ends of legs for chairs etc.
So if you experienced folks want to offer suggestions, or critiques, I’m all ears. The grey table below is existing. The purple is rough dimensions of the 4th axis suggested by Onefinity. The white gap in the grey table represents access to mount a leg for tenons.
Any and all comments accepted.
onetable.pdf (11.0 MB)

Just got my elite foreman last week and one thing I think is very important is to be able get all around the machine, ie all four sides. I would make the back four feet a removable section.
Good to see you are planning for a spindle… I do not know how anyone can run with a router

PS The elite foreman is a dream machine… I love my Elite foreman.


Hey Rob,

this looks nice! A design that is very versatile!

Gantry-type CNC machines (=machines that have two Y axes) need to have a mechanism to adjust coplanarity of the machine base. If you do not benefit of the Any Surface Leveling System (that now is included with the QCW Frame, was sold separately before) in order to be able to adjust coplanarity in a very easy way, usually people have casters with adjustable height on the table’s feet to adjust coplanarity. If you have no adjustement mechanism for coplanarity, you would need to adjust it with shims, that I personally would not prefer.

The Onefinity machines already lack a mechanism for adjusting the Z assembly trimming, at least in left/right direction (front/rear Z trimming is done → this way).

You will have to ensure that your machine is rectangular (“squared”) (bar gauge) and coplanar (“not twisted”) (fishing line method).

By the way, surfacing the wasteboard does help nothing if the machine is not accurately coplanar (not twisted). All your workpieces including the wasteboard will remain being twisted if you did not adjust coplanarity accurately. Also if the machine is not both rectangular and coplanar, the Y axis movement can block or “have hiccups”.

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The grey part is built, and really stout, so I’ll live with it.

Thanks, I’ve been scanning your posts. With a torsion box on top of a table that was a cnc base for a primitive Shopbot, I’m confident I can use your tips to get coplanarity, and square.

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