Tape Split Calculator

While waiting for my machine to arrive, I’ve been virtually playing with some designs in Vcarve Pro. I’ve also experimented with adding tape splitting code to the pp. For really long 3d carves, splitting looks like a winner to me. Anyone aware of technique or software tool that can estimate the run time of a ngc file? Splitting a job into 5000 line pieces isn’t as useful as being able to say I want to split a job at “X” line number because that line number is 2 hours into the total job.


Fusion360 lets you view the time it takes for each tool path, you could use this, then group your toolpaths into bunches that meet your pre-defined time limit, and export accordingly.

It’s manual, but give you the “time” feature you want. It probably wouldn’t be too hard to create a script/plugin to do this as well :thinking:

The scenario I am thinking of is a 12 hour complicated 3d finishing path with a single tbb. Would like to break it up into shorter runs.