The perfect combination

I love my waste board layout and my 3D printer combination.


Where did you find these type of clamps? I have not seen them. I am always trying new clamps that work well with T tracks. The 2nd picture I do not see how they work and why 4 other screws?

I made these clamps and they work extremly well. I have never hit one yet due to their very low exposure. let me know if you have any questions





How did you handle the metal shavings going everywhere, like into the bearings of the machine?

there was not very much of that due to light cuts and a low feed rate.

zero flute and lowest speed on makita router I forget what feed but not excesivley low

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Hi Scott

I printed the clamps on my Prusa, the picture shows the options for holding down the clamps, the centre two are for using with a T track, the four other bolts are used the hold down the clamps using the inserts on the table,

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i did not have much luck with printed clamps they kept bending and breaking. i bought them on etsy none were of any value. my aluminum one are still going strong