The wait is over!

Fresh off the UPS truck! Now off to assemble.


Shoot… They sent you mine… Quick I will meet you half way…


Had I only known a bit sooner, already have it mounted to the table and setup! Maybe you’ll get mine then :slight_smile:


All assembled and running, no issues at all. Now on to waste board.


Moving on to the waste board. Stopped at the moment because I ran out of screws for the t-track. Hopefully be surfacing tonight and then I can start actual carving!


You got further than I did. I didn’t get to the waste board yet.

Is the specified cutting area of 32”x32” based on the center point of the spindle? I plan on a similar setup, and with a 1” diameter surfacing but was planning to make my waste board 33”x33”.

@garrett1812 Using a 60degree v-bit and running a border around the workspace, I measure 32 1/16" square. I did basically the same thing, making mine 33". Just make sure if you surface it that you have a bit that can make up for the overage area otherwise you’ll have a lip and if you have anything that hangs off the front/back or both you won’t be sitting flat on the surface. I used a 1 1/2 surfacing bit.

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Mine arrives tomorrow. I am not prepared as I did not build a table for it yet…