T track for a good price

For others looking for T track, found some for really good price T-Track | Orange Aluminum I haven’t ordered yet but will be. 1F not due till mid June. These are 1/2" tall, seen some less but more expensive, these are almost half the price of ones on Amazon. Figure 3/4" MDF should be enough to avoid them during cuts. Figured I might pass it on, sorry if already posted before.

Wait till you add in the shipping cost. They are not half price

good point, I didn’t go into the ordering price to see how much shipping was. I do get free shipping through Amazon Prime. Will have to dive a deeper when ready to order.

I stand corrected sir, with free shipping from Amazon I can save $7 with what I was going to order.
Edit, actually didn’t look at the amount I will be purchasing, will still come out less with the Orange Aluminum. Guess it all depends on the amount you are purchasing, more tracks you purchase more you save even with shipping

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I picked up some of the Orange “t-track” since I live 3 miles from their warehouse. It is grooved for 1/4-20 bolts and the. The 5/16 is too big unless you grid the bolt head on 2 sides. Outside of that it is cheap.

@BGuill I can send you a cut of so you can check it out and see if it will work for you. Just send me a message.

appreciate the offer Nate, but the dimensions are on their website. Still got over 3 months before my machine arrives so plenty time to think about it. I do see that these are a 1/8" taller than others, which only leaves about 1/4" of spoil death. You guys think that is enough.