Thin material recommendations?

Hi all-

Finally starting making with my 1f and loving it. Now that my wife understands what it can do she is excited too, and has requested some thin letters/wording for crafts she does.

What material would be best for this application? Looking for clean machining and must be paintable. Looking for something .125” or thinner. I tried 1/8” hardboard with 1/16” bit but had too much tear out and wasn’t very clean.

Is there a plastic/wood that would work best?

Thanks in advance

You might be interested in the drag knife conversion (search the forum). That’s probably a good solution for thin material.

Fir milling You may need something that can handle being fixed to the table (double sided tape…). E.g. Sheet copper / brass, acrylic, polycarbonate…

Have you considered using something thicker an the slicing whatever thickness you want with a table saw or bandsaw?

It’s how I make coasters. Cut 1”, stand on edge and cut 1/4” coasters out of the blank.

I use skateboard veneer sheets. They are 1/16" thick hard maple. But you can also get them fully dyed in bold colors. I don’t have any picks but I just use the two layers of masking tape super glued together to cut the sheets. My next project is to try to do a v carve inlay using pink maple veneer on walnut for the gran daughters.

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Yeah, I use CA glue, wide blue painters tape, clean and sharp downcut bit for things like that.

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