This one has me stumped

Hello all,
I have my new elite journeyman with the Masso MPG. When I move the machine with the mpg is is quite violent, lots of shaking, and when moving to the rear of the table in Y it screams and groans something fierce. It does not do this with jogging the machine by the controller. I will also say that my woodworker was smooth as silk with all movements, my journeyman is very jerky and groans the whole time cutting. I am also working through some Z axis issues while cutting. It is not consistent with the depth of cut, same program, same tool, .005-.010 too deep or too proud on the same plane, ie milling out a pocket.

Hey Craig,

have you checked that your machine is “squared” (rectangular)? If it isn’t, the motion of the gantry on the Y carriages can begin to block (and the chatter/jerk can show up worse the faster you move).

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Yea sir, it is square. And it is quiet in rapid when using the Masso control. When I use the MPG it seems like the slave Y (A) is being dragged along the axis. It’s perplexing to say the least. While running a program it’s just jerky and moans pretty loud during any circle interpolation. The jerky-ness I see doesn’t reflect on the part. The only issue with cut quality I have is the odd differences in Z. I will try and take some pictures and maybe a video.

Remove the x axis and place it between the two ys. Then jog the ys. That will show you if both us are moving or not.

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