Tool error for custom tool numbers

In my Vetric software, I’ve numbered my tools according to the manufacturer tool numbers (or at least the last three digits thereof) to help me stay organized. E.G. I have Amana tool 46202-k labeled as tool number 202 in Vetric.

When I load any gcode into the Masso and run the file, it always gives the “Tool Error” alarm at start or between tools. This is bypassable, but kind of an annoyance. This didn’t happen before I labeled the tools in Vetric. Does the Masso tool count only go so high? Is there anything I need to do on the controller side to set up my tool numbers?


Yes. Tool numbers above a certain point are reserved for specific purposes. I don’t recall the details off the top of my head, but you’re right. I ran into the same thing.

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Here’s the link that shows 1-100 are reserved for normal tools: Tool Numbering in MASSO

The multi-head section of the documentation describes at least some of reservations above 100.

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