Tool setter on wasteboard or workbench top

Hi. in the instruction of the tool setter, it is written to install the tool setter on the workbench top , not the wasteboard. But on almost all the videos I can see here or on youtube, it is on the wasteboard. Where is the best place to put it?
Also, I see that even on the workbench top, the tool setter can be hit by the dust boot brackets if I place the tool setter in front of the table. I have the Onefinity dust boot using the short curtain. I think it would be better if I put the tool setter to the back .
Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.

I cut a hole through my spoilboard, made a bracket and mounted my tool setter so that it’s about 1.5cm beneath the surface. I’m using a different tool setter, though, so I’m not sure if this would be as easily done with the onefinity one.

I have 3 layers of 3/4 MDF for my top, I cut away two layers so the top of there tool setter is flush with the top of my spoil board, it is a 1F tool setter.
Works great

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does your spoilboard is more than 3/4’’ thick? The onefinity still sticks out if I screw it on the top of my workbench. would require to make a hole in top of the bench which is a torsion box. Not sure if I’m willing to do this… thanks

So the tool setter can work at almost any depth. the Masso controller will adapt to it? The way you did it, means you can resurface at anytime the spoil board without even removing the tool setter? I like the idea!!!

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