Tool setter question, bit in when homing? (solved - yes)

Installed tool setter and worked great, after the carve I removed the bit and stored it. Next day I turned on the machine and when I homed it, it went to x and z then went to the tool setter and the collet nut bottomed on the tool setter and set off a z axis alarm. Am I supposed to keep a bit in the router so this doesn’t happen when I first start the machine and it homes?

Yes, you need a bit in the router when homing with a tool setter.


How do you use the tool setter with a fly cutter?

Thank you very much :+1:t2:

Either the tool setter top has to be big enough in diameter for the tool or you don’t use the tool setter ( disable auto tool zero)

No thats not right, The tool setter works ok with or without a bit in the collet. I think it would be a lot better if when the tool setter is enabled and not do a touch off after homing but do this right when you start the job. Most do not want to keep a bit in the collet all the time. I am using a spindle and I have the spindle set in the holder so I can “touch” off with or without a bit, No issues.

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I wonder if the Masso can have a custom tool measuring position for specific tools? For example, say you always kept tool 1 as your fly cutter. You could have the tool move to a specific offset (cutting diameter / 2) when measuring tool 1 to make sure that one of the wings touches the top of the tool setter and gives an accurate reading. A machine I ran once upon a time did this. It would also pause right above the tool setter and wait for you to manually rotate one of the wings to sit over the top of the tool setter. Then you press go and it measured it. I don’t imagine the Masso could do that, but you could still manually rotate it before you measure so long as you knew the angle to set it at.

The other thought I had is just using the touch plate in a set position on the machine. I just don’t know if I have the real estate for that given I’ll be running the full 4’x4’ area at once.

I bet there’s a way to work this in somehow.

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I remember having this discussion in the Masso forum about a year ago. Here is the link if interested…

There were a number of creative solutions discussed - you might enjoy the read if you have not seen it already. I had suggested a solution that perhaps Masso could add, but I do not think I made a formal feature request as I use an ATC with tool holders so for me it is easier to solve.

What I did for the one time I needed to measure my wider insert endmill was just to temporarily change the tool setter location so it lined up with one of my inserts. Once the offset was in the tool table I just changed the XY coordinates of the setter back. It was actually very quick, but I would not want to have to do it multiple times during one job or day.